Brake-fast Metal Pet Bowl helps reducing the risk of bloat. This metal pet bowl will make your dog eat slower than usual, no more choking during meal time. You can use this bowl for foods or water. The medium sized bowl is perfect for dogs 30 to 120 pounds, the simple obstructions make your dogs slow down to eat.

brake fast metal bowl medium


Product Features

  • Keep your pet away from the risk of bloat
  • Made of die-cast aluminum, it works with all foods and water
  • The medium sized bowl is ideal for dogs 30 to 120 pounds

brake fast metal bowl medium


Based on some customer reviews, it’s better to use the metal one since some large breeds can eat the plastic version of the bowl. This metal version is a bit heavy and indestructible, you’ll notice that it slows down your dog when eating its food. No more choking during mealtime.

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