Brainstorm Pets AKC Medium Pet Lounge is cozy and comfy pet bed for your dogs or cats. You can fold down this unit for easy storage or traveling. The dimension of this chair lounge when in use is over 20″ x 20″ wide and over a foot high. Your dogs or cats will love sleeping on this pet lounge, it even perfectly match your interior decor. This bed has removable and washable cover for easy cleaning.

Brainstorm Pets AKC Medium Pet Lounge


Product Features

  • Fun, stylish pet lounge licensed by the American Kennel Club
  • Elevated sleeping platform makes your pet feel like it¿s part of the family
  • Perfect for most small dogs and cats
  • No assembly required
  • Includes removable, washable fleece cover

This product is available in different colors

Brainstorm Pets AKC Medium Pet Lounge BrownBrainstorm Pets AKC Medium Pet Lounge Shaggy WhiteBrainstorm Pets AKC Medium Pet Lounge Black

Brainstorm Pets AKC Medium Pet Lounge


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One Response to “Brainstorm Pets AKC Medium Foldable Pet Lounge”

  1. These are the best dog beds I have ever found. My dogs absolutely love them. I have been looking for more of them, but can’t seem to find them anywhere! If they have been discontinued, I wish they would start making them again!

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