Don’t you think that your adorable pets deserve something really good? If you do, then it is time to be happy, as these luxurious beds are available to which your cats and toy breeds will surely going to respond. The Bowsers Buttercup Cat Bed is made up of excellent fabric that provides 100% comfort to your lovely pet. You can tighten or loosen the strings according to the needs. The extra soft material of the inner area ensures that your cat gets the ultimate coziness and warmth. The stylish fabric texture at the outer surface of the product gives the cat bed an amazing look.

Bowsers Buttercup Orchestra Celadon Toy Breed and Cat Bed


Product Features

  • Buttercup Bed measures 27″x1″
  • Heavy-weight, luxurious pale green micro velvet fabric make this the perfect “nest” for cats and toy breeds
  • Simply pull the string to create the ultimate cozy bed. Adjust opening by loosening or tightening the pull-string.

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