Booda Bones are dog treats made from wholesome ingredients. These treats are meant for easy digestion and help with plaque and tartar. Most pets love this wheat-free dog chews. It comes with several different flavors, it might be your dog’s favorite treat.

Booda Bone Wheat Free Dog Treats


Product Features

  • Wheat-free dog chew made from wholesome ingredients
  • Highly digestible
  • Little size made for dogs under 15lbs.
  • Helps fight plaque and tartar

This product is available in several different flavors

Booda Bone Wheat Free Chicken Dog TreatsBooda Bone Wheat Free Mint Dog TreatsBooda Bone Wheat Free Spearmint Dog Treats
Booda Bone Wheat Free Bacon Dog TreatsBooda Bone Wheat Free Yogurt Dog TreatsBooda Bone Wheat Free Green/White Dog Treats

Some customer reviews

“My dog gets sick eating a lot of dog treats (even Milkbones), but has always done well with all the Booda bones. She really loves them & they’re good for getting rid of the tartar on her teeth. I highly recommend these.” — J. Conley

“I don’t like all the controversy surrounding rawhide bones and don’t want take the risk of my Lab getting a blockage so I exclusively give him Booda bones which are safe. My lab is an aggressive chewer and considering this is edible it makes him that much more excited as he LOVES food. He enjoys these bones but devours them in less than 20 minutes. I usually give it to him for a few minutes until he eats half of it and then I take it away to save for next time. This obviously would get very expensive so he has his non-edible Nylabones most of the time and these are special treats.” — Bryan Amazon

Booda Bone Wheat Free Dog Treats


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