Beautiful Tetra’s Silver Glass Betta Bowl for your desktop. The size is perfect, with silver stand and sleek design, it looks perfect for any desktop. This fish bowl has a unique swiveling light arm, it’s an energy-efficient LED bulb for powerful illumination, give you a clear view of what your little fish is doing.

Betta Fish Bowl with Silver Stand


Customer review

“This is a beautiful bowl. The Betta Bowl with Silver Stand sits on my desk with my Betta, of course. I get compliments about the bowl all the time.” — Bob Lanley

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2 Responses to “Beautiful Tetra’s Silver Glass Betta Small Fish Bowl”

  1. Hi! do you have delivery here in dubai and im very much interested to buy, it’s so cute. Please tell me how to contact you guys thank you.

    Rai :)

  2. You should be ashamed! This fishbowl will cause a betta to be unhappy and develop diseases. Animals are not fashion statements! No true betta owner would purchase something like this.

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