Avian Bird Bath Dripper is a special addition to any existing bird bath. The subtle drip from a dripper is visual magnet to any bird. This unit will create ripple on the surface of your bird bath, birds will be drawn to it and stay for a while. Avian Bird Bath Dripper comes with custom dripper valve that regulates the flow of water from your outdoor pump/faucet. This unit creates an attractive hangout place for your feathered friends, just one drop per second, one pint of water per hour. The dripper is 6 inches in diameter and 10 inches tall.

Avian Bird Bath Dripper


Product Features

  • Exclusive custom dripper valve
  • 10 inches tall and 6 inches in diameter
  • Attracts birds by creating ripples

Some customer reviews

“I created my own on-the-ground, two level birdbath using two large planter saucers on a rock outcropping. The first overflows into the second. I placed the dripper outside the top saucer and arranged rocks around it to retain the natural look. It was so easy to set up and I can vary the drip depending on how much water has evaporated from the saucers.” — BirdLady

“Well engineered and thoughtfully equipped product, especially the water line hookup accessories with ample hose, Y-fitting, connectors. Also liked copper spout and nicely designed pebble base. All in all, very nicely done!” — Vince

“Just an occasional drop of water can be heard by the birds. So very little water usage makes a major impact.” — Long Laker

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