Love Hummingbirds? This Aspects Hummingbird Hummzinger Ultra Feeder can attract humming birds and allow you to enjoy their company. This hummingbird feeder combines patented Nectar-guard tips with a built-in ant moat. So you can be sure there won’t be any crawling insects to reach the nectar. You can hang this bird feeder with the help from brass hanging rod. You can remove the cover easily for cleaning and filling.

Aspects Hummingbird Hummzinger Ultra Feeder


Product Features

  • 12 oz capacity, Built-in ant moat. Easy to clean
  • 4 feeding ports. Nectar guard tips are included
  • Brass hanging rod. Cover removes easily for cleaning and filling

Some customer reviews

“I bought two of these and will probably buy another this coming summer. These are great. They don’t hold gallons of feed so you can change the feed every few days and not waste much. My Hummers took to them right away and NO ANTS in my feeders. Wonderful product & a great buy. :-) Kaye” — Kaye

“The hummers just love these feeders and the feeder doesn’t attract bees like the gravity feeders… Additionally, these feeders are designed so the hummers can hover or “sit” on the rail on the outside… Overall they’re a great addition if you like to have the hummers around.” — M. Warren

“I purchased this product based on other positive reviews, and in my opinion, it has proven them correct (my only regret is waiting until late summer to buy it). In the short time we’ve had this feeder, we’ve witnessed a number of birds drinking from it, usually one at a time, however, but they certainly utilize the foot rim to sit on while drinking. Its red color does a sufficient job at attracting hummingbirds and its specialized design prevents bees from getting into the nectar (as well as ants). It’s basic design also creates user-friendly functionaility making it easy to disassemble, clean, refill and hang. In addition, the items that make up this prodcut seem to be made of quaility materials. I’m already looking forward to next summer.” — Jeff

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