If you have mini aquarium, it wouldn’t be wise to use large sized protein skimmer. Aquatic Life Internal Mini Skimmer 115 Protein Skimmer is a space saving internal protein skimmer, perfect for small spaced aquarium. It features a needle wheel impeller drive 8W water pump to increase air-to-water contact time. The adjustable mounting bracket that comes with this skimmer fits standard aquariums.

Aquatic Life Internal Mini Skimmer 115 Protein Skimmer


Product Features

  • Streamlined design effectively eliminates organic waste
  • Proven needle-wheel impeller increases air-to-water contact
  • Adjustable mounting bracket fits standard aquarium frames
  • Suction cups provide optional mounting for aquariums
  • Built-in channel conceals grounded power cord

A customer review

“This is a pretty amazing product, particularly for its size. It takes a bit of work to make the adjustments be right on, but once you get it dialed in, it collects waste incredibly well. It’s very compact, considering what it does, and it should fit well in most nano tanks. Highly recommended.” — Bubba

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