Andis 40095 Power De-Shedder is a quick and easy deshedding tool. It features a vibrating comb which gently massages and calms your pet while their undercoat and loose hair are being removed. This product comes in large, medium, and small size. I have to remind you that this deshedding tool is not just for dogs or cats, you can also use it for horses. Feel free to use it anywhere, because this product is battery operated which last a long time.

Andis Power De-Shedder Tool


Product Features

  • Effortlessly remove up to 90 percent of your pet¿s undercoat
  • Vibrating 4-inch comb gently massages and calms your pet
  • Ideal for all dog and cat hair types
  • Requires 2 AA batteries (sold separately)
  • Convenient for use anywhere

This product is available in medium and small size

Andis Power De-Shedder Tool MediumAndis Power De-Shedder Tool Small

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