Andis 21420 Pro-Animal Pet Clipper Kit feature detachable ceramic blade clipper that cuts 3700 strokes. Grooming your pet is easy and enjoyable using this clipper. It has powerful but quiet rotary motor so your pet won’t get nervous, making grooming a fun moment for you and for your dog. This clipper works with UltraEdge and CeramicEdge blades that are sold separately. Inside this box, you’ll find: clipper, size 10 CeramicEdge blade, four attachment combs, clipper oil.

Andis 21420 MGB 2 Pro Animal Pet Clipper Kit


Product Features

  • Powerful, quiet clipper ideal for complete dog grooming
  • Maintenance-free rotary motor designed for years of reliable use
  • Works with all UltraEdge and CeramicEdge blades (sold separately)
  • Detachable blades easy to change and clean
  • Includes clipper, size-10 CeramicEdge blade, 4 attachment combs, clipper oil, carrying case, and 1-year limited warranty

Andis 21420 MGB 2 Pro Animal Pet Clipper Kit


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