AlphaTRAK 28 Gauge Sterile Lancets are used together with AlphaTRAK Glucose Meter. Please do not use this product if the protective cap is missing or damaged.

AlphaTRAK 28 Gauge Sterile Lancets


Product Features

  • AlphaTRAK 28 GAUGE STERILE LANCETS are to be used with the AlphaTRAK Glucose Meter.
  • Do not use if the protective cap is missing or damaged.
  • Dispose of responsibily.
  • Federal law restricts this device to use by or on the order of a licensed vet.

Some customer reviews

“The AlphaTRAK 25 gauge lancets are slightly “thicker” than the lancets we had been using (29 gauge). I THINK I’m able to get a usable sample more often with these, and my dog doesn’t seem to care. The down side is that they are more expensive.” — Craig Michelson

“When our cat was diagnosed a few years back with Diabetes it was devastating. Our vet informed us of the Alpha Trak products and we ordered our meter right away. We have religiously checked her once a day and gave her insulin from that ready – the products are top notch and I would highly recommend.” — Jacqueline M. Gormley

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