This igloo house provides private place for your ferret. It’s a great place to rest after a good, long romp. It’s ferret natural instinct to burrow, so this should be a great gift for your pet.

Marshall Ferret Igloo Bed


Product Features

  • Great inside the cage or out
  • Nurtures a ferret’s instinct to burrow, providing a feeling of security and better quality rest
  • Sturdy cotton construction
  • Faux lambskin bottom cushions and insulates for superior comfort
  • Fleece lined upper
  • Bottom secures with hook-and-loop closures and is easy to remove
  • Roomy enough for several cuddly ferrets
  • Available in a range of beautiful colors and patterns, yours may vary from pictured

Some customer reviews

“I have four ferts ranging in age from 3 months to 4 years, and they all love the igloo.It is very easy to clean just throw it in the wash, the let it air dry. The price is great to, it cost $30 at the local pet store.” — Caitlin

“My ferrets love it…but the bottom is a foam pad covered with the fleece cover and velcroed to the inside of the “igloo”. They tore the bottom out right away. Granted, they LOVE tipping it on its’ side and playing in it…but the foam pad…I don’t even put it in their cage.” — Teresa

“The four ferrets that we’ve had have all loved this bed. Two thumbs up! =)” — Cassie

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